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  • Me

    I am a passionate computing student who enjoys travelling, cooking and going to the gym. I also enjoy playing guitar, games programming and art.

  • My Studies

    I am studying a BSc Honors Degree in Computing at Bournemouth University, I am currently in my final year.

  • My Experience

    I have quite a bit of experience, most notably during my placement year at Danone as my role as a Junior Business Systems Analyst where I learned a lot about the industry.

  • What
    will be


A few of my professional skills.


I am fluent in Java and C#, I also am proficient in Swift, C++, HTML, JavaScript, PHP and CSS. Additionally I am skilled at using Unity, Xcode and Eclipse.


Design is one of my passions. I love creating websites, apps, games, pictures and building computers. I am proficient in Photoshop, Blender and InDesign.


My degree has taught me a lot about business, alongside my placement year. I have had a good insight into the world of business and I am eager to learn more.


Just some examples of my most recent work.


Website and SQL Database

The Longest Road

Unity3D, Photoshop and C#

Meteor Strike

Java game made in Eclipse


Unity 3D, Blender and C#

Visit Purbeck

Wordpress Website


Endless runner AI

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